On June 11th 2009 EAS Musikmanagement GmbH, an artist agency based in Berlin (Germany) and meant to represent soloists and ensembles in the classical music world was born. EAS stands for the broader European Artistic Services – an arts organizations group (The EAS Group), thought from the very beginning to develop and expand during the years to come, creating different types of other arts organizations, directly and indirectly connected to the agency.
EAS Musikmanagement started off in 2009 representing pianists, violinists and string quartets, either in general management or in local management combining the German speaking countries with Eastern Europe, France and Spain. In 2016 a new conductors-division was added.
In January 2013 Andreea co-founded the classical recording label eaSonus. The recordings released complemented the concert careers of the artists she represents. It also allowed certain artists with a great recording history to revisit certain repertoire, which they have previously already recorded. A PR division was created in order to support these releases. EAS believes that this circle (concerts/REC/Press/PR) needed to be completed in order to have all agendas under one roof and avoid that artists have to depend on three different companies with their own profiles and goals and very often quite different time-schedules. Every element in the circle feeds and supports the others, creating a wheel that turns by itself.
The CDs produced by eaSonus have received great press reviews and many prizes.
In 2014 Andreea Butucariu developed a Consulting scheme called Active Management Consulting. The goal was to help instrumentalists and students whom the EAS Musikmanagement is unable to take on and represent to understand how the music world functions and to help them come every day a step forward. The system consists in recurring management master classes that advises, informs and directs clients to the ‘right’ doors.